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Esrtate Vinaros
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Property for sale
San Rafael del Rio: Townhouse
Price € 250.000,-

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Reference: C-1249
10 Bedrooms 7 Bathrooms Garage
Reference: C-1249
Property Name: CASA PUEBLO
Type: Townhouse
City: San Rafael del Rio
Region: Costa Azahar
Country: Spain
Year of construction: 1916
Floors: 1
Stately home in the center of San Rafael, next to the river, with a large garden area and private pool. Dreaming of a bed&breakfast? This could be the perfect property! This stylish villa has 8 bedrooms, 7 with an en-suite bathroom. The house has maintained its beautiful details, like a wooden painted ceiling, high ceilings with ornaments, a large dining room, a living room with an open fireplace, marble and lots of other exciting details to discover. There is a central heating, with the heater situated in the cellar. All rooms are on the ground floor, but there is also a roof terrace for the laundry and a utility room. Near the beautiful natural area of the Tinenc de Benifassa, ideal for walking, cycling, swimming in the lake of La Senia. Situated only half an hour from the coast with beaches and attractive towns like Peñiscola. You should come for a visit and let the property and its furniture surprise you!
  • South faced
  • Near to golf course
  • Near to schools
  • Near to transportation
  • Near to shops
  • Near to the center
  • One level
  • Private pool
  • Private garden
  • Roof terrace
  • Laundry room
  • Furnished
  • Terrace
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