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Esrtate Vinaros
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Property for sale
Herbeset: Rural house
Price € 60.000,-

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Reference: C-1232
6 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms
Reference: C-1232
Property Name: INTERIOR
Type: Rural house
City: Herbeset
Region: Els Ports
Country: Spain
Plot size: 75.318 m²
Built size: 252 m²
Floors: 4
Beautiful country house in the quiet town of Herbeset, 17 minutes by car from the natural park of Els Ports. The house has a private balcony with beautiful mountain views, is divided into 4 floors with entrance through two streets. Accessing from the highest interior street, we find the foyer, dining room area, along with two other rooms that were once rooms but can easily be converted into a dining room and a bathroom easily, through stairs we access the second floor where we find two other rooms that can be easily converted into rooms and a bathroom. From the aforementioned access through stairs we descend to the ground floor where we find living room, kitchen and two rooms and through stairs we descend to the ground floor with access to another street where there is a bathroom, and living room along with two rooms in its day used to keep animals but that can also be opened or reconverted. The house is to reform, but many of its structural elements are in good condition. From all the floors it has spectacular views to the mountains and fields of the surroundings, where it is enjoyed the fresh air and tranquillity of the field, typical of the mountain villages. This price also includes pasture and pine groves, located in front of the house and which can be seen from it, with a total area of 75318 square meters in another two plots, including a pine forest that in the fall allows the collection of rovellones and mushrooms from the land. The town of Morella, which offers shops and restaurants, is 15 minutes by car from the establishment and the Mediterranean coast is 75 km away. Herbeset is a hamlet belonging to the municipality of Morella, in the region of Els Ports, in the north of the Valencian Community. Herbeset has belonged to Morella since 1970 and is the capital of the Dena de Herbeset. Description The population is situated on top of a mountain and impresses when you approach it from the road that connects it with Morella. The urban nucleus is very well cared for, it is not too small and according to the INE signs of 2009 counts in 6 inhabitants. The population was uninhabited for some years, but a foreign family bought several houses and restored them, since then the village is normally inhabited. The number of inhabitants increases a lot on weekends and especially during the summer. It has several very well kept rural houses. In terms of artistic heritage, it has the beautiful church of San Miguel and a cemetery behind it.
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