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Esrtate Vinaros
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Property for sale
Ulldecona: Finca
Price € 195.000,-

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Reference: C-1193
4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Garage
Reference: C-1193
Property Name: FINCA MILIANA
Type: Finca
City: Ulldecona
Region: Costa Azahar
Country: Spain
Plot size: 14.680 m²
Built size: 175 m²
Floors: 1
Finca with chalet located in the Partida de la Miliana (Ulldecona)The farm has urban drinking water and electricity connection to the network and certificate of habitability.Access is through an automatic entrance gate and the property is fenced and the perimeter is surrounded by cypress trees.Farm of 15,000 square meters approximately, within which are planted about 2000m2 of fruit trees of different species of which about 70 are in full production with drip irrigation.The farm also has about 600m2 of land dedicated to the orchard with the drip irrigation system.In addition, in the estate you will find 2000 m2 of a collection of ethnobotanical plants with more than 400 species distributed in an area known as the "Botanical Garden of La Miliana", all the plants have a drip irrigation system.The farm has a 150,000 litre irrigation pond. Equipped with pump (with closed hut) and water distribution system to the different zones.The water comes from the Irrigation Community of Ulldecona, from the reservoir of Ulldecona.The vivendi consists of 2 living-dining rooms, 4 bedrooms, kitchen (and the possibility of building a second kitchen), 1 bathroom (and the possibility of building another bathroom), 1 bedroom and a terrace... It also has two rainwater collection tanks of about 20,000 litres capacity and a sewage treatment system.
  • South faced
  • One level
  • Private garage
  • Parking
  • Summer kitchen
  • Furnished
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