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Esrtate Vinaros
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Property for sale
Alcocebre: Apartment
Price € 475.000,-

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Contact me about this property

Reference: C-1195
3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Garage
Reference: C-1195
Type: Apartment
City: Alcocebre
Country: Spain
Built size: 132 m²
EXCLUSIVE MARINACan you imagine living in the sea? Can you imagine having the boat on the terrace and going straight out to sea, from your own mooring? Impressive, fantastic and exclusive. So is this magnificent apartment, in the marina of the marina Las Fuentes in Alcossebre. Simply the best house and in the best area of the port. This is the opportunity you were waiting for, a renovated apartment, with all the comforts, in the sea, next to the beach of Las Fuentes and next to all the services, but with the exclusivity of living in a quiet, bright and sunny area, a fenced area and a few meters from everything. A house for the whole family, with the best views to the sea from the terrace of 34 m,/2, with first quality teak wood floor in the house and on the terrace, with heating in the whole house, air conditioning, PVC windows, refurbished kitchen with fridge combi with external water dispenser, cubes and crushed ice, with all the comforts, Bose music, valued at almost 6,000 €, awnings on the terrace, furnished and equipped to enter to live immediately, with ceiling fans. and a parking space for the car. Best of all, the mooring. 23 mts of mooring in property, with a private finger and direct access to the sea, perfect for maneuvering and with 3 storage rooms in the private dock, which also has a terrace for leisure and private access stairs.A unique house in Alcossebre. Exclusive for you.Don't miss this opportunity. Call us and we will be happy to accompany you to visit your new home in this paradise called... Alcossebre. Translated with
  • Sea view
  • Beach front
  • South faced
  • Near to beach
  • Near to marina
  • Near to schools
  • Near to transportation
  • Near to shops
  • Near to the center
  • Furnished
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